(Network for Residents and Areas around the Ariake Sea)

ぐるりんネットの ”ぐるりん” とは、どういう意味?

      Meaning of the GURURIN NET






GURURIN NET aims to create a great power among residents around the Ariake Sea by putting together a strong common thought of “keeping the rich and precious nature of the Ariake Sea for the future by harmonious coexistence of fishery.


      The Location of the Ariake Sea



The Ariake Sea is located in the west coast of Kyushu Island, which is a world-class natural treasure.

Ariake Sea has Japan’s largest tidal difference.
A maximum difference in tides accounts for about 6.8m that can be observed at the mouth of Rokkaku River.

There are three Ramsar Convention sites in the Ariake Sea:

Higashiyoka tidal mudflat; Hizen Kashima tidal mudflat and Omuta Arao tidal mudflat.
(Red points on the upper map indicate the Ramsar Convention sites.)

It is popularly known that Ariake Sea Products are very delicious
They are carefully protected by residents around the Ariake Sea. Please taste the seafood produced by Ariake Sea.



      Why does the Ariake Sea show the highest tidal difference in Japan?





The phenomenon is caused by the resonance between the natural oscillation period of the Ariake Sea and the tidal cycle by the moon’s gravitation due to the unique terrain of the Ariake Sea, which is a large inner bay with extremely narrow and deep entrance.
If you want to know more, see the book, entitled “Ariake Sea, Vol. 1”.


冊子「有明海」vol.1  2ページ目からの「有明海の干満」を是非お読みください。
冊子「有明海」vol.2  11ページの「有明海の不思議」をどうぞ!



     What is the Ramsar Convention?




The Ramsar Convention was adopted by Ramsar city in Iran on February 2, 1971. It aims to promote the conservation of internationally important wetlands and the animals and plants that inhabit and grow there. Each contracting state designates one or more wetlands within its territory and registers them with the Convention Secretariat. It stipulates measures to be taken by each contracting party to promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands.



There are three sites in the Ariake Sea that belong to the Ramsar Convention:
Ramsar Convention Wetland sites in the Ariake Sea.


Higashiyoka tidal mudflat (Saga Shi, Saga Prefecture)
The north coast of the Ariake Sea.  Registered as a Ramsar Convention site on May 28, 2015.
Migratory birds such as Saunders’s gull and Black-faced spoonbill come to Higashiyoka tidal mudflat that is an important site for migratory birds for relying and wintering.

Arao tidal mudflat (Arao Shi, Kumamoto Prefecture)
It is located in the east coast of the center of the Ariake Sea, and registered as a Ramsar Convention site on July 3, 2012.
This area is popular for various creatures such as lugworms and seashells. Many shorebirds gather for relaying and wintering. The area is also popularly known for cultivating seaweeds and shellfish using mudflat.

Hizen Kashima tidal mudflat (Kashima Shi, Saga Prefecture)
It is located in the north west coast of the Ariake Sea, and registered as a Ramsar Convention site on May 28, 2015.
The area is an important migratory stopover and wintering ground in the East Asian Region for migratory birds such as Saunders’s gull and Whimbrel.


     What is a Mutsugoro?   What kind of species it is?.



Introduction to Mutsugoro in the Ariake Sea.

写真提供: 吉村 明 氏  (Photographer: Akira Yoshimura)
写真提供: 吉村 明 氏  (Photographer: Akira Yoshimura)





Mutsugoro (mudskipper) is kind of a goby fish and lives in the Korean peninsula, China and Taiwan.  In Japan, we can see them only in the Ariake Sea and the Yatsushiro Sea next to the Ariake Sea. Normally they live in deep burrows and come out on tidal mudflats to eat algae when tide pulls back.








Mutsugoro is a representative of rare creature that cannot live without tidal mudflat. Their cute shape is very popular.  Its figure is used as the logo of ARIAKEKAI GURURIN NET.

On the tidal mudflats in the beginning of summer, male mudskippers spread their spine all the way and jump repeatedly for courtship. You may be able to see the scene on tidal mudflats.

By the way, Mutsugoro is one of the traditional food culture, and its taste is quite good. How about everyone to visit towns near tidal mudflats and try to taste it.


冊子「有明海」vol.6  ムツゴロウ特集 も是非ご覧ください。